When your baby is stillborn, you are faced with the sad task of welcoming and saying goodbye at the same time. Putting the child back into water offers parents an accessible, gentle and loving way to see and cherish their child.

Because the baby stays beautiful in water for much longer than in air, the watermethod gives precious time to parents and their loved ones.

This way they can welcome and say goodbye to this life that ended before it really started.

Advantages of the watermethod:

  • The baby adopts the natural position, the fetal position 
  • The skin lightens even if the child had already discoloured and was darker at birth 
  • No distortion will occur 
  • Beautiful pictures can be taken of the child in water 
  • Showing the child to friends and family is easier because he/she looks beautiful, in this way you can really say your goodbyes together 
  • You can touch the baby without damaging it 
  • The method is easy, all you need is a container of plastic or glass, or a nice bowl, and water


How does it work?

The deceased child is placed in a bowl or container with cold tap water. He often takes the same position as in the womb and seems to float in the water.

A stillborn child will usually become lighter in color in the water. If a baby dies late in pregnancy, he or she will have pink skin and pink lips and nails in the day and after birth as long as the baby is in the water. The baby can get darker when taken out of the water.

You change the water every day and keep it cool by cooling elements, a cooling plate (for rent through funeral agencies), ice cubes or by keeping the container with the child in the refrigerator. You can also add cold water from bottles from the refrigerator regularly.

The child can also be taken out of the water as desired to be held and cuddled.

For the most beautiful photos, photographers ask to put the baby in a square glass container.

Frequently asked questions and practical tips can be found on our FAQ page.

so small, so fragile, so soft
you came into the world
a miracle
heartbreakingly silent

after hope and expectation
there was all love and welcome
but no sounds, no breath
an endless difference

from mom’s belly
we put you carefully
in the embracing water

cherished your delicate body
your face so sweet
floating in softness
we watched you over and over

full of admiration
with pride and tears
we explored you, little person
on all sides

in our heart
and in those special images
we keep you forever
as the wonder that you are

Floortje Agema

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