Photo overview per baby > 16 weeks

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In the second picture you see the looks of the baby before going into the water. His skin turned pink after a day in water.


Both children were edematous before birth. 


Born at 17+2 weeks gestational age, passed away around 15 weeks. Becouse of the lang time before birth you can see the upper skin has loosened and the baby turned brown. 


Some pictures are made by photographers of stichting Still (a professional foundation for stillborn photography). 

The second picture showes he was born with a red colour. 


Some of the pictures made by a photographer of stichting Still.


At an ultrasound at 19+3 weeks gestational age, the baby had sadly recently passed away. He was born 3 days later.


At birth the baby had a very dark red colour. 


Born 2,5 weeks after the water broke.

He was only 21+3 weeks old at the time.


The baby had various birth defects. 


The baby had severe cerebral defects. 


The baby is born immaturely because of serious growth restriction. The white colour of the head is rare. 


She sadly passed away a few days before birth. 


Little Fem passed away a few days before birth.

Her feet are black from the ink used to make footprints as a remembrance.

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