Photo overview per baby < 16 weeks

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Born in the amniotic sac and put in a glass.


Born at 11+5 weeks gestational age, grown untill 8+3 weeks. 


Born inside the amniotic sac.

Pictures taken by a professional photographer. 

More pictures and a Dutch blog through this link. 


Small air bubbles you see around the baby.

In the second photo you see the baby in a basket after he or she has been taken out of the water.

The hands and feet are now less clearly recognizable than in the water.


Here too there is a clear difference between in and out of the water. The bump on the abdomen is normal during this gestational age.


Born at 11 weeks into the amniotic sac. The baby has a thickened neck, which is an indication that a birth defect was most likely present.


In the first photo, the belly is somewhat sunken, after a while in the water it is no longer visible.


There is still some loose skin visible on the hands.


Passed away shortly before birth. In the second photo you can clearly see all blood vessels which were visible immediately after birth.


The change of skin colour is very obvious when laid in water. 

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